Mike WeldonMike Weldon comes from the Lone Star State of Texas and joins a long line of Texas comics who came before him. Honing his skills from two great inspirations – Rich Little and Mel Blanc, he certainly keeps the funny going, with voice characterizations and his “Presidential Card Game,” an act where he does impersonations of all the Presidents of the United States. His repertoire of voice characterizations includes the famous as well as the infamous. This includes the Disney cast of heroes and villains, Warner Brothers cartoons, and people he’s met in real life. Going to Mike’s show is like having your own demented guide into a wild world where everything does not need to be taken so seriously. Mike also worked as a traffic reporter since November 2010, at Entercom Communications for WDSU-TV New Orleans. Mike was the funniest traffic reporter at Metro Scan in New Orleans, nobody ever got home on time and everyone in a 50 mile radius remembers they guy who made getting stalled in traffic hilarious.

Mike’s acts are eclectic, contemporary and always rib-tickling. Mike migrated eastward like the other famous Texan native, the armadillo. Mike’s comedy, impressions and storytelling skills were honed by the unique Texas experience. Mike’s a big movie fan, but that’s only because he recasts all the parts in his head. What does that mean? Well, picture Edith Bunker, Scarlett O’Hara and Sean Connery. Now picture them as rap stars. There you go.

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